TARDIS Coasters

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Brand BBC

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There's one thing you should never do in the TARDIS and that is drink and drive. The TARDIS is finicky enough when she's piloted by a sober person and/or time lord, so drunken space-time flight is right out. Drinking from a container that's perched on a cork coaster likeness of the TARDIS, however, is probably fine (and stops rings on the table). 

Will you have to redesign your living room so it's Doctor Who themed? Probably. Will it be worth it? Yes.


Product Specifications


  • Set of 4 TARDIS coasters for fans of Doctor Who
  • Protect your side table from your spot of tea
  • Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible
  • Materials: Tin & cork
  • Dimensions: 7" x 3.75"