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Tomy Pokémon Pokedex Trainer Kit


Brand Pokemon

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Now you can be just like your hero Ash with this Pokedex Trainer Kit. The kit comes complete with the Pokedex which stores your Pokédex Tags and allows you to access all your favourite Pokemon data at a moment's notice. Also included is a Pokeball which can be attached to your trousers, bag or belt loop and is perfect for transporting the Pikachu mini figure also included in the pack. 15 Pokédex Tags are also included in the kit as well as a trainers glove making sure you look like the real deal. 


  • Officially Licensed Pokemon: Pokédex Trainer Kit
  • 'Catch'em all' with the Pokédex which reads and stores your collected Pokedex Tags 
  • Includes a Poke Ball and Pikachu Figure 
  • Features a Pokemon Trainers glove and 15 Pokédex Cards