New Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle Playset Lights & Sounds Official


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Officially Licensed Octonauts™ Gup-S Arctic Polar Exploration Vehicle


Designed to withstand the coldest of climates and able to explore icy environments with ease, the Gup-S is the Octonauts’ ideal vehicle for polar exploration. The Gup-S can separate into two different vehicles--the Octo-Sled and the Octo-Shuttle. The Octo-Sled is perfect for quick explorations and it features an interchangeable tool system that allows you to attach rescue tools to the front of the vehicle. The Octo-Shuttle can open up to reveal a light-up floor and illuminated creature warming tank. The Gup-S features retractable treads, music, sounds and phrases and it comes with two mini-skis. Just attach the rescue tools to the skis to transform them into the perfect polar utility vehicles. Includes Gup-S, Barnacles in his snow suit, two mini-skis, three interchangeable tools, a narwhal and an iceberg. Requires 3 x AAA batteries. Not intended for water play.

Explore with the Octo-Sled

When the Octonauts need a vehicle for quick explorations, they ready the Octo-Sled. The Octo-Sled easily detaches from the front of the Gup-S and it comes equipped with an interchangeable tool system that allows the crew to attach a jackhammer, claw and ice drill to the front of the vehicle. The Octo-Sled also features a place for Captain Barnacles and a wheel that can be turned to make the tools spin.

Deploy the Octo-Shuttle

The Octonauts deploy the Octo-Shuttle for icy excursions and seemingly impossible creature rescue missions! This vehicle is outfitted with retractable treads, a see-through hatch door and an “Anti-freeze Warming System” which lights up the Octo-Shuttle’s floor and illuminates the creature warming tank.

Mission-Ready Mini-Skis

The Gup-S also comes with two Mini-skis which can be equipped with the interchangeable rescue tools. Attach the ice drill or jackhammer to break through the iceberg and save the narwhal and then use the rescue claw to carefully carry the creature back to safety.

Lights, Sounds, Music and Missions

The Gup-S is the Octonauts’ ultimate polar exploration vehicle. Not only does it feature lights and sounds but it can also recognise when it’s Octo-Sled and Octo-shuttle have detached. As the two vehicles are separated or joined together, the Gup-S will respond with related sounds and phrases from the crew.


  • Officially Licensed Octonauts™ Gup-S Arctic Polar Exploration Vehicle
  • The Gup-S is the Octonauts’ ideal polar exploration vehicle
  • Transforms into two vehicles - the Octo-Sled and the Octo-Shuttle
  • Gup-S opens to reveal an illuminated floor and rescue tank
  • Includes two mini-skis that can be equipped with interchangeable rescue tools
  • Retractable treads fold out from the bottom of the Gup
  • Lights, music, sounds and phrases
  • Includes Gup-S, Barnacles in his snow suit, two mini-skis, three interchangeable tools, a narwhal and an iceberg
  • Suitable for ages 3 and older