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Officially Licensed Funko Pop! Television Vinyl Figures - Rose Tyler (295) / Ninth Doctor (294) / Jack Harkness (297)


Rose Tyler: Rose Tyler, the first companion of the 9th and 10th Doctors is at last making her way to your Pop! Vinyl collection. Based on the appearance of actor Billie Piper, this Pop! figure features Rose Tyler in her iconic Union Jack t-shirt. 

Christopher Ecclestone's Ninth Doctor: Emerging from the Last Great Time War as its sole survivor, the Ninth Doctor spent much of his life grieving over the immense suffering he had witnessed. He struggled with the idea that he was the last of the Time Lords, having left the conflict with the excruciating knowledge of his hand in its apparent grisly conclusion.

Jack Harkness: Captain Jack Harkness was the alias adopted by a Time Agent and con man from the 51st century who became an associate and occasional companion of the Doctor. After being killed by a Dalek, he was revived by Rose Tyler, who at the time was transformed into a nearly omnipotent being. Unable to control her powers, she accidentally turned him immortal.



  • Officially Licensed Funko Pop! Television Vinyl Figures
  • Choose Rose Tyler (295) / Ninth Doctor (294) / Jack Harkness (297)... or collect them all!
  • Size: 3 3/4" Tall


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