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Character Building Mega Set: TARDIS Console Room


Brand BBC

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Build the TARDIS; the Eleventh Doctors iconic vehicle and home that can take him to any place and any time! This ultimate construction playset is the exact replica of the Eleventh Doctor's time machine. Having had the interior of its control room destroyed when the Doctor regenerated, it reconfigured its appearance and now features a clicking date display, a new central time rotor and typewriters and taps for controls, which suits the Eleventh Doctor's style. It's even given him a port for his Sonic Screwdriver. The Doctor treats the TARDIS like an old friend, calling it 'dear' or 'old girl'. It's bigger on the inside than the outside and its swimming pool may now be in its library. Or somewhere else: it'll turn up. Set includes fully articulated the Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory and River Song micro-figures.


  • Officially Licensed BBC Doctor Who product
  • Detailed construction playset
  • Constructable (LEGO Compatible)
  • Includes TARDIS exterior and alien world landscape
  • 4 fully articulated figures included: the Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory and River Song
  • Ages 5+