Adipose Floating Pen


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Doctor Who Adipose Floating Pen: keep Doctor Who's cutest ever monster handy on your desk or in your pencilcase!

They're the cutest monsters in all of Doctor Who! Thousands of little rounded blobs of fat - squeaking and waving and scampering about in gleeful confusion. The baby Adipose from Partners In Crime are harmless, it's only their nanny you have to worry about…

This pen commemorates the episode in three different ways. First, in the water-filled central compartment of the pen, you've got your very own baby Adipose. The Doctor discovered these creatures are the result of a new immediate weight-reduction plan - pills that turn a kilo of fat into a baby Adipose, which then runs home to mum and dad! It's not a bad arrangement, really - except that Miss Foster, the alien coordinating the whole scheme, keeps it secret by disposing of anyone who finds out…

Second, when the Doctor tries to stop Miss Foster, he discovers that she's equally matched against his sonic screwdriver - she's got a sonic pen, as strong and versatile as the Doctor's own device. This pen isn't a full-fledged replica of hers, though it is quite close in style and colour (barring the Adipose inside, of course).

And last… when the adult Adipose take their children away in their spaceships… they beam them up. We see the Adipose waving as they rise gracefully in their narrow beams of light… leaving the Doctor and Donna waving at fat. And this pen captures that moment - tilt it and watch the Adipose gently float from one end to the other.

The Adipose have reappeared only a couple of times since then - their big scene in The Stolen Earth (in which we would finally have seen a 15-foot-tall adult Adipose!) was cut for budget reasons, but we still saw one wobbling along the bar in a cantina on the planet Zog in The End of Time.

Raise a giggle when you next sign a check or fill in a form with the Adipose pen!